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Be Love Service - Together We Make a Difference Our Mission is to grow a successful apparel business that inspires and empowers people through education, activism, art and fashion.  Be Love exists to support transformative, community-based causes serving youth and families. Our purpose is to serve.

Our Vision is to build a business that makes a difference in our community. We do this by creating quality clothing that is beautiful and inspiring. Then we take part of the profit from sales and use it to fund service projects that impact youth and positively transform our community.  (Be Love service projects are focused on youth education, art, nonviolence and community empowerment).  Our Current Service Project ~ Alexandria House

We have partnered with a grass-roots, local organization here in Los Angeles, Alexandria House (a home for formerly homeless women & children who have escaped domestic violence or sex trafficking experiences) to help fund and support a transformative project that has a measurable & achievable goal. Our project is an after school program for the youth in this inner-city community in the heart of Los Angeles. Our Initial service project began in January 2013. Be Love is committed to working with local organizations with a strong track record. It is both inspiring & important for us to have a hands-on role in the projects we support. We are able to see that all money raised and donated to Alexandria House reaches the intended goal. Together we make a very real difference in the lives and success of these families.  We Do It Together With You!

Our first project has a specific funding goal of $25,000 that we will reach by donating $5 from every shirt purchased from the Be Love website store to the Alexandria House youth after-school program. Along the way towards our funding goal we will be providing reports highlighting the progress and effect of each project we support through video, photos, and reports from the house.

This Is Be Love. This is our service. Together with you we will reach our goal and make a difference. Thank you for taking this journey with us!

If you are unable to make a purchase but would like to take part in the giving circle with Alexandria House, please donate below. Every dollar counts towards the goal and makes a great difference. Thank you for your wonderful support!

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