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Our Story.... Be Love Founders Kyle and KamGi, met in 2001 when KamGi traveled from London to Chiang Mai, Thailand to study Thai Yoga massage. At that precise time, Kyle from Memphis was biking dirt roads in the back-country of Laos. Upon discovering the border crossing into Cambodia closed, Kyle reversed course and rode the winds of change to Chiang Mai where he  met his future wife.

We met on a winding foot-path leading through the forest to a stunning waterfall. We swam in crystal clear water together and for two weeks loved purely. Then we parted ways - KamGi to Burma and Kyle to Nepal - not knowing when we would see one another again. As Spirit would have it, a year would pass before we would reunite when Kyle asked KamGi to come to Los Angeles where we live together now in the beautiful mountains of Topanga with our 2 little loves, Jai and Satya.  

about-pic.jpg The seeds of Be Love Apparel were sown when we were expecting our first baby. The creative vibrations were flowing & the vision came in strong. We realized that our passion was to serve in our community and that we could support amazing projects that transform the lives of youth through the creation of beautiful art and fashion. We decided to create a clothing brand called Be Love and through it raise funds and awareness for these projects. We began making this vision a reality with a $1,500 gift from KamGi’s Mum and went to work designing beautiful original graphic art that communicates inspiring messages of Love and Truth. Be Love was born.

The growth of Be Love has been spirit guided, challenging, and always inspired. It is amazing what can be created with a small amount of money & a huge amount of faith and determination. We are more inspired than ever to create beauty and be a force for positive change and we hope you will join us on this journey!